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Elaine's Story

"In 2012 I became aware of the adult services offered by Bobath and went for an assessment - excited but apprehensive. I remember the day clearly as it was the day that my lonely journey with cerebral palsy ended; I had a lifeline and support network in helping me to manage my condition."


Cerebral Palsy Therapy for Adults

At Bobath Scotland, we provide specialist therapy to those living with cerebral palsy (CP) in Scotland. Founded in 1995, the charity has grown and developed, both in the services that we provide and the number of people we are able to see. We offer support to anyone with a diagnosis of CP, regardless of their age or location, and endeavour to reach as many people as possible here at the centre, online, and in their own communities.

Bobath therapy is delivered by our team of specialist therapists who come from occupational, speech and language, and physiotherapy backgrounds. Our therapists each have a wealth of experience in their specific discipline whilst being well-versed in specialist Bobath therapy techniques.

During sessions, a team of two, or occasionally three, therapists will work together with parents, carers, teachers, community therapists and anyone else who is involved in supporting the child or adult. By involving the service user’s support system in the therapy sessions, we ensure that treatment is carried over into everyday life.

We also aim to complement local therapy input and co-ordinate therapy aims and management. Therefore, we contact community therapists prior to attendance at Bobath Scotland for a block of therapy, allowing us to establish progress, discuss any concerns and consider these factors when planning therapy aims.

If you have any questions about what is involved in Bobath therapy, please visit our FAQs. Otherwise, please contact us or call on 0141 352 5000, we’re happy to speak to anyone who has a query about the management of cerebral palsy.