Alfie's Story

“The whole Bobath experience taught us that we’re not alone in this. The staff were so professional, pleasant and un-fazed by it all. Physically and emotionally, for Alfie and all of us, it was a fantastic experience. It really was a turning point for us – of acceptance of Alfie’s cerebral palsy and that, although life will be very different for him, it does not mean it will be bad.


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Bobath Right Start Project

Bobath Scotland has received Big Lottery funding for five years to deliver the Right Start project for young children with cerebral palsy between the ages of 2 - 6 years old. The project will support children and their families in preparing them for the transition into school life.

Right Start’s objectives are two-fold, focussing on the child and the family around the child.

We aim to ensure that the children and young people involved in the project will be successful learners and confident individuals within their own families and communities.  We aim to support the children and promote participation to their full potential within their communities.  In addition we aim to support the entire family, by improving the understanding of their child’s condition and learning skills so that they feel confident and suitably equipped to support their child as a successful learner.

Our research has shown that parents will worry about the progress of their child at all stages but the transition into primary school is especially concerning as it may be the first time they have been separated from their child. These concerns could result in children struggling to progress at school and thus affect their confidence and ability to learn and enjoy school.  They could also result in social isolation for the child and the wider family.

By helping families to be more prepared they can be empowered to help their child overcome the significant challenges they may face as they make the move into primary school. Right Start will target early action for children up to 6 years old – this age group having the most potential for change – and there is much we can do in helping the children and families who need the extra support in enhancing their abilities, building their resilience and confidence, and in strengthening their connection to their community.

As part of the project we are able to offer Bobath therapy sessions to families with children with a primary diagnosis of cerebral palsy between the ages of 2 – 6 years old.  Any family, regardless of where they live or what type of cerebral palsy they have can be referred.

One of our Right Start parents recently wrote a blog about her families' experience of the project, click here to read.

If you would like to refer someone to be considered for this project please fill in this Right Start Referral Form and email it to - If you would like to know more about the Right Start project please contact: The Project Co-Ordinator, Right Start Project Tel: 0141 352 5000 Email:

Right Start Outreach

As part of the Right Start project, we have been able to offer therapy to 10 families who live out with the central belt through our outreach programme. In year 1 of the project our therapists travelled to Aberdeen to deliver therapy, and year 2 has seen our therapists working in Inverness. For any further information on future outreach therapy, please contact the Project Coordinator at Bobath Scotland on 0141 352 5000 |