Employment as a disabled person – Claudia’s Story


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Employment as a disabled person – Claudia’s Story

Below, one of our volunteers, Claudia, shares with us her experience of trying to gain employment and why she hasn’t let her CP stop her from pursuing a successful career –

When it came to work experience during my fourth year at school, I wanted to do something with sports. I was a gymnast with City of Glasgow Gymnastics Disability team at the time, and I wanted to become a gymnastics coach. To gain experience of working in a sports centre, I choose to do my work experience in Scotstoun Leisure Centre. However, when I arrived I was told to clean the toilets, and at the time I was suffering from a really sore hip because of my Cerebral Palsy. This made my hip worse and I only lasted half a day.

Once my exam results came through before starting fifth year, I found out I’d done really well in my standard grade administration and decided to do intermediate 2. After achieving a great result, I decided to do administration as a career. I didn’t want to leave school with no work experience so during sixth year I did a programme called Bridges to Work. Bridges to Work got me work experience in an office called Drivers Jonas.

After leaving school I knew college wasn’t for me and I wanted to go out and work. I applied for a modern apprenticeship, but I wasn’t ready so I went on a ‘Get Ready for Work’ programme. I was working in St. Mungo’s Academy providing administration support to different departments.

After gaining more work experience I was ready for a modern apprenticeship, however I came across other barriers such as working a 35 hour week and answering phones was hard due to my speech difficulty. I could only work a 25 hour week as I found it very tiring. I was lucky enough to find a company called Glasgow East Regeneration Agency (now called Job & Business Glasgow). I started my two year apprenticeship and gained a SVQ Level 2 & 3 in Business and Administration. After a year and a half into my apprenticeship I was finding the 25 hour week tiring and it started to affect my health. I had to cut down to a 16 hour week which I still do now.

Once my modern apprenticeship finished and after a year of being unsuccessful at finding another placement, I found an organisation called Shaw Trust which supports disabled people into work. Shaw Trust managed to get me a placement back at Job & Business Glasgow, but in a different office. I had a six month contract which was followed up by a three month extension. Once the extension had finished I went back to Shaw Trust who got me a further six months at Job & Business Glasgow.

In December 2014, when the six months in Job & Business Glasgow ended I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go next so I took some time out. In August 2015, I decided I better start looking for my next step. I wanted to do some volunteering so I contacted Volunteer Glasgow and they put me in touch with Project Scotland. Then I heard that Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living who supports disabled people in to employment had an administration post within their company. I applied and I was successful. At the same time Project Scotland contacted me and told me that they had a volunteer place at Bobath Scotland. I couldn’t believe my luck when the two came up at once after being unemployed for a year!

In January 2016, I started with Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living within their Equality Academy team. This was a year long contract. I worked there providing administration support and gaining some new skills. I also took up the volunteer place at Bobath Scotland and attended on a Friday. Recently I was meant to finish in Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living Equality Academy, but I was offered a new 6 months contract.

I hope one day I’ll get a permanent job instead of short term placements but in a way I feel lucky as some people with Cerebral Palsy have never been successful. My story looks successful but trust me I’ve faced a lot of disappointments, barriers and frustration to make my story successful.

I hope that my story encourages other people with Cerebral Palsy to look for employment and not give up at the first hurdle.

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