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Bobath therapist, child and parent in session.

Magic Moments

Bobath founding parents Martin and Claire O'Neill cite their "Magic Moment" as being the therapy session when a Bobath therapist discovered that their son Dominic (now 19) was communicating by blinking.  For the first time, they could really communicate with their son, and this opened up a whole new world of possibilities for them.

We want more parents to share their Magic Moments with us - the moment when they realised that Bobath Scotland would make a real difference to their child's life.  As we get them in, we'll add them to the top of this page, so keep checking back for updates!

“My youngest son Noah has attended Bobath for many years. We think it is a life-changing service - it is so different from any other help we receive, Noah loves when he comes and I feel so grateful for the amazing work that you all do”

(Mum of Noah, aged 14)

"As Scott's balance wasn't too great, any bump he got would knock him to the ground so it was no surprise that when he started playing football he wanted to be goalkeeper as he had no fear diving on the hard gym hall floors. At one of his blocks at Bobath Scotland, Scott's goal was to get better at diving to his left as this was his weak side… He played for Scotland's future team ... and at the Home Nations tournament in Lillieshall in 2009 he was rewarded with a fine display against England B squad with a place on the bench for the senior Scotland squad on the day of his 14th birthday. I was a proud father when Scott was brought on for the second half of the game against Finland at the Cerebral Palsy World Championships in Holland… That is testament, not only to Scott's determination and self belief, but also for the work that Bobath Scotland did with Scott over the years and particularly the block where they worked with Scott to fulfil his goal of being able to work on his left side to become a better all round goalkeeper...  I am proud of my son and proud to be a supporter of Bobath Scotland."

(Dad of Scott, aged 17)

"I loved the way Peter showed us how much he could switch by himself. We had a right good giggle as he drove himself around the reception area & that was just the start of his marvelous switching."

(Mum of Peter, aged 10, pictured left)


"We've had so many magic moments it's hard to name just one. I think every time we understand what Gabriel is saying when he uses his eye pointing to his symbols and we get that HUGE smile and squeal, we see the magic of him sharing what he's thinking inside."

(Mum of Gabriel, aged three, pictured above)


 "Desperate for help for our daughter Marion's cerebral palsy we heard by chance of the London Bobath Centre where Marion was initially treated by Doctor and Mrs Bobath. It took only a few moments for us to realise we had arrived in CP paradise (figuratively)! It was incredible to us what they enabled Marion to achieve not only through their work but also through our own efforts. For someone so badly damaged at birth she has achieved miracles. She is not the "vegetable" the NHS paediatrician said she would be. So profound was the influence of Bobath Therapy on Marion and we, her parents, that I commenced establishing Bobath Scotland to bring similar benefits to other Scottish children."

(Dad of Marion, now an adult)


"We have had a lot of magic moments thanks to Bobath however the one that sticks out for us is ... when Katie was in the rabbit [a kind of standing frame with wheels] and Holly [her twin sister] was at her side holding her hands, and for seconds it was the first time I ever saw my girls standing holding hands with each other... It was something we thought we would never have with our wee twincesses but thanks to Bobath you gave us a priceless memory that we will cherish forever."

(Mum of Katie, aged five, pictured right)

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