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Dominic, now 19.

Adult Therapy

Pictured above is Dominic, one of the first children we helped when we opened 18 years ago - who's now an adult of 19 at college.

We've never had the resources to keep helping children past the age of 18, but we know from talking to families like Dominic's that there's a desperate need for a Bobath service for adults: "Support services [for adults] are totally inadequate and speech and language/occupational therapy input are non-existent... [an adult Bobath service] would give parents peace of mind" (Dominic's mum, Claire).

Adult Therapy Pilot Project

We believe that care and support shouldn't be withdrawn just because a child has turned 18, and we're delighted that we can now help adults with cerebral palsy. Funding from The Robertson Trust allowed us to begin a two-year adult therapy pilot project in April 2012, and Dominic is amongst the adults currently benefitting from this new service.

Over the two year pilot project, we'll establish a true picture of how we can best help by analysing the magnitude and nature of the need for our therapy services for adults. We’ll use all the information we gather to help us design an adult service that will make a real difference to Dominic and adults like him over the longer term.

We are very grateful to The Robertson Trust for funding our two-year pilot project. If you are an adult with cerebral palsy and would be interested in receiving therapy at Bobath Scotland, you can download an application form here, or contact us for further information.

Adult Service FAQs

What kind of therapy do you provide to adults?
Bobath is a multidisciplinary therapy (incorporating physiotherapy, speech & language therapy and occupational therapy) and our therapists all have postgraduate training in the Bobath concept. For more information about Bobath therapy, click here.

How many therapy sessions will adults get and how long are they?
Adults can access up to a maximum of 18 sessions per year, dependent on staffing availability. Sessions last 60-75 minutes.

How will my sessions be spaced out?
Some people attend for intensive blocks (2-3x per week for up to 6 weeks), while for others, regular therapy (1-2x per month) suits their needs better. We also offer one-off consultations for those who require advice or assistance with a specific issue. This might be dealt with in one session, or take several to resolve. If you live farther afield, we can offer double consultations on the same day to minimise traveling for the client.

What do I have to do to attend therapy at Bobath Scotland?
You or someone else on your behalf should fill in this form (PDF, 177Kb) and mail it to us. We will then send you a questionnaire to fill out, which will help us to better understand your condition, and following receipt of this, we will be in touch to set up an assessment appointment.  If there are no spaces available on the pilot project, we'll then discuss your other options for receiving therapy.

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