Keeping Cosy - Top Winter Tips

by Bernie Hunter


'I'm going to be warm this winter'...In this latest blog, Bobath volunteer Bernie shares some tips on how to help keep yourself cosy for winter 2020.

People who have cerebral palsy can feel very cold sometimes as the disability can affect circulation so it is really important to keep warm, especially at this time of year. Winter is not that nice for anyone but people cope with going out on freezing cold days and as they can keep warm by walking about, they just get on with it but it is different if you have limited movement.

Dress appropriately for the weather

I put on warm boots, my feet are always cold due to my circulation but the boots really help.

Take a hot water bottle out with you

This really keeps me cosy, I put it on my lap and it heats me up within minutes, it lasts for a couple of hours too... just make sure that the lid is on tight though!


I have a nice soft blanket that I put over my lap when I go out, to help keep my legs warm.

I do all of these things and they really make a big difference- it is better than feeling cold all day!

*Bonus Tip*

If you are a wheelchair user, you may know that it can be as real challenge to go out and about in the ice or snow as the wheels just spin which leaves you stuck. Unfortunately, there is no way to overcome this apart from having someone to hold the back of your wheelchair to make you feel more secure.

Enjoy keeping cosy!