What happens at the adult AAC users group?

Bobath Scotland runs a regular group for people 18+ that use AAC. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is a set of tools and strategies used by people who have difficulty speaking, including high-tech communication devices.

Hello, my name is Marion and I attend the AAC group for adults at Bobath. I have been attending this group about a year now. I am going to tell you a bit about this group and what exciting things we have done since we started. Just now the group has 5 of us with different abilities and machines.   

I personally felt it was quite lonely for me with a communication aid out in my community, so when I heard this group was going to be starting I was so happy about it.

Our main reason of our group is just to talk and support each other with our machines. You even get one-to-one support if you have a problem with your machine, which is great.

We have done a lot in this group, from making a performance of Super Heroes to the younger AAC users, to having a visit from a story teller. However, one of my favourite activities we did was putting on an AAC choir for the Adult Christmas Get Together 2019. We all sang ‘Last Christmas” on our machines and we were wearing Christmas hats and funny masks of famous people, e.g. Boris Johnson and Pop Idols! We filmed it all beforehand. I think it really went down well on the day and because we were not doing it live, it saved the nerves!

We are looking for people to join this AAC group. I would highly recommend it to anyone who use a communication aid. It Is a great opportunity to meet other AAC users.  

For more information and to join, visit the Adult AAC Group webpage for more information.