Bobath Scotland Christmas appeal


This Christmas please support Bobath Scotland to help children and adults living with cerebral palsy to achieve their potential. 

We need to raise £8.50 of every £10 we spend to provide the practical services and support we deliver throughout the year:

  • It might be a person with cerebral palsy working together with specialist therapists to develop ways to help them eat or dress more independently
  • Or Bobath therapists supporting a group of teenagers to take a bus journey and develop the skills and confidence to travel independently
  • Or adults with cerebral palsy working with Bobath staff to set up an online support group and a face-to-face social group

The results of these actions – and of all the actions delivered every day at Bobath Scotland - can be transformational, leading to improved independence and emotional wellbeing for people living with CP and their families.


Francesca is supporting our Christmas appeal. She regularly comes to Bobath with her son Daniel. 

“I’m Francesca, and I want to tell you about why Bobath Scotland matters to me. My son Daniel is 2 and he has got a diagnosis of dyskinetic athetoid cerebral palsy. He absolutely loves singing and stories – that’s his passion in life! Daniel can’t speak, but he understands well. He communicates by using his eyes to point at word and picture symbols to indicate his choice. 

“I got in touch with Bobath when Daniel was 10 months old. Basically I almost feel that Bobath saved us from going under as a family. I had no idea how to deal with Daniel, my husband had no idea how to deal with Daniel, and going there really has helped us in every way possible, and not just Daniel but the entire family. 

“For our first block of therapy, Daniel had Claire and Petra as his therapists. At Bobath, all Daniel’s therapy is done through play. Coming to Bobath I learnt how to position him, how to dress him, how to move him, how to involve him in family life. I felt beforehand I was just getting through day by day, whereas going to Bobath helped me actively get him to do physio through his play”. 

“I also take Daniel to the Bobath Babies group regularly, which is for children aged 0-2 and their families. We do singing, and we do activities. It’s more than just a baby group and a story - everything has been thought through for each child which is fabulous. For Daniel, that’s what he needs - he needs to be playing and working on skills and not being aware that he’s doing it. 

“So it is lovely, and I’ve met a few Mums there. It has set up a friendship, in that you know you can talk to them, which is really nice to have. It’s kind of opened up a whole new community.” 

Please give to Bobath Scotland this Christmas and help children like Daniel.  As a small charity every penny really does make a difference. Thank you.