Children with cerebral palsy needed to volunteer for new walking aid trial

Bobath Scotland are looking for volunteers to participate in trialling a dynamic walking aid for children with cerebral palsy.

About the trial


The inventors of a new type of walking aid, the Hibbot, are visiting our Centre in Glasgow on 5 February to present, trial and discuss their new piece of equipment.

The Hibbot aims to replicate the physiotherapist’s hands-on support at your child’s lower trunk and pelvis during walking thereby leaving the children’s arms free to participate in everyday activities e.g. play and interact with their peers whilst being supported in the device. It also strives to offer adjustable support to your child depending on their needs and progress. It would allow for early mobilisation with high intensity gait training in the home environment. Further information on the Hibbot and the team can be found at their website.

Please be aware that this device is still in development, and the inventors are asking for our input and feedback. They are working together with a company aiming to launch this device to the UK market in the longer term but when and how this will happen is still uncertain. We are therefore looking for some volunteers to join us at our Centre and trial this piece of equipment with us. As such, we can offer not only feedback from our own clinical point of view but also from the family perspective and user-friendliness within the home environment.

Therefore, we are looking for children with cerebral palsy that:

  • can tolerate standing and/or walk with manual support at the pelvis
  • are motivated to stand and walk
  • have no structural deformities (contractures, hip dysplasia, bony deformities etc.)
  • are between 60-125cm tall
  • weigh max 30 kg

When and where

The Hibbot team will visit our Centre in Glasgow on 5 February 2019 between 10.00-12.00. A session with your child would last about 30-45min max.

How to register interest

If you and your child match above mentioned criteria and are interested to join us for this, expressions of interest can be emailed to