Make your voice heard and improve CP services and support

Bobath Scotland is urging the cerebral palsy community to participate in the consultation on the first ever National Action Plan on Neurological Conditions.


Today at Bobath Scotland we welcomed Joe Fitzpatrick MSP, the Minister for Public Health Sport and Wellbeing, who visited the centre to launch the public consultation on the draft National Action Plan for Neurological Conditions and find out more about our work.

The draft National Action Plan aims to improve treatment and care for adults with neurological conditions – including CP – across Scotland.

Bobath Scotland hope that this National Action Plan will help to address two key issues:

  • the lack of specialist services and support for adults with cerebral palsy, and
  • the improvement of national data on the cerebral palsy population in Scotland.

Commenting on the launch of the draft Plan, Stephanie Fraser, Chief Executive at Bobath Scotland, said: 

For too long people with cerebral palsy have been ignored and this is their opportunity to make their views known. 

“Cerebral palsy is seen as a childhood condition and adults are simply left to get on with things. As people with cerebral palsy age the effect of the condition on their lives is marked but there is simply not wide enough recognition of this, and there are few specialist services and health professionals to support them. 

“Collection of data at the national level on the cerebral palsy community is vital to the development of this specialist support. When it comes to providing health services, it’s a case of, ‘If you’re not counted, you don’t count.’  

“We therefore urge the cerebral palsy community across Scotland to get involved with this consultation. We very much appreciate the Scottish Government’s desire to consult with the wider neurological community and welcome the co-operative way in which they have produced the draft plan.”   

How you can get involved

Respond individually: Anyone living with neurological conditions, their families and those that support them can respond to the consultation. To see the draft Plan, and find out how to respond, visit the Scottish Government website.

Comment through Bobath Scotland: Bobath Scotland will be sending in an organisational response, so if you have an opinion or comment on the standard of care and support for adults with CP, or anything contained in the draft Action Plan, please get in touch and we will feed this into Bobath Scotland’s reponse. Please contact