You Give We Give: the sustainable investment scheme that benefits you and Bobath Scotland

Bobath Scotland has partnered with Greenfinch, an innovative online investment platform which allows you to invest money and donate to charity via its You Give We Give (YGWG) scheme at the same time. Here's how an investment with Greenfinch can help us provide much-needed services to support people living with cerebral palsy - and benefit you in turn. 

Greenfinch's You Give We Give scheme allows your investment to earn dividends, while also generating a donation for Bobath Scotland. The video below explains how:

Greenfinch - The Power of Long-Term Investing from TAM Asset Management on Vimeo.

Be a philanthropist and an investor

Most investors consider a company’s social and environmental impact before investing with it. In fact, 62% of UK investors (anyone with money in ISAs, pensions and wealth management schemes) want to invest in ethical businesses. 

TAM Asset Management, an FCA regulated investment management company based in London, realised that wealth management could be used as an innovative way to raise funds for charities. Lots of charity donors have money in ISAs or general investment accounts. Linking profits that donors make from wealth management to charities they’re affiliated with makes sense – it satisfies the desire for social impact. 

The launch of the YGWG donation scheme allows you to invest and donate at the same time; with up to 20%of your annual investment profits being donated to the charity of your choice via TAM’s non-advised investment platform Greenfinch

A non-advised platform means that TAM doesn’t provide actual advice. As the company behind Greenfinch, they manage your investment portfolio - but won’t tell you what one to choose. The process is  straightforward and puts you in charge: you go to the website, review the various portfolios (which are made up of various assets like stocks, shares, bonds and cash – check them out here), assess the returns over the last five years and make your choice. 

Our partnership with Greenfinch means that Bobath Scotland members can now choose from a range of ethical and mainstream wealth management products – while donating to us at the same time. What’s more, your donation is matched by TAM with an equal percentage from their annual management fee.


Feel-good money

Here’s a fictitious example to demonstrate how an investment with Greenfinch can benefit both you and Bobath Scotland: 

Mrs Johnson’s portfolio was valued at £200,000 on 1 January. The portfolio did well, and its value increased by five percent to £210,000 by 31 December. As a current member of Bobath Scotland, Mrs Johnson chose to donate ten percent of her net gain to the charity. This means that £1,000 goes to Bobath Scotland, plus the matched ten percent from TAM’s annual fee.* 

Mrs Johnson is in charge of how much she gives and who she gives to. She can increase or decrease her donation and change her choice of charity at any time. Each year, TAM sends Mrs Johnson an update outlining and confirming her investment, donation and calculation. If she agrees to provide some personal details like her address, we can claim Gift Aid and top up her donation even more.


Sustainable wealth management 

In this new age of ethical investing, your long-term personal finance objectives can succeed in line with your social and environmental considerations. Simply put, this innovative approach to wealth management can provide you with a sustainable source of income while supporting Bobath Scotland, allowing us to continue offering our valuable services, helping those with cerebral palsy live well. 

If you’d like to hear more about how Greenfinch can benefit you and Bobath Scotland, please get in touch with Greenfinch, or find out more on their FAQs page

*Past performance is not a guide to future returns and investors may get back less than their original investment.