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Press enquiries to Stephanie Fraser, CEO, on 0141 352 5000.

Cancellation Policy

Once offered, all appointments must be confirmed and accepted within 5 WORKING DAYS otherwise they will be deemed to be declined and will be offered elsewhere.

Blocks of therapy (i.e. 1-6 week blocks)

Once a family has agreed to a therapy block and the dates of sessions have been confirmed, the following cancellation policy applies:

  • If the whole therapy block is cancelled by families due to the attending service user (child/adult) being ill/hospitalised and the situation is beyond the family’s control, no charge will be made to you or the health board for this block.
  • If the whole therapy block is cancelled by families for reasons other than child or adult service user being ill, then charges of the following will be made if we are unable to fill the block with another child or adult service user:


         - up to 7 days before = 100% chargeable

         - up to 14 days before = 75% chargeable

(Any filled sessions will automatically be deducted from invoicing. Charges set out above may be reduced / waived at the discretion of Bobath Scotland in exceptional circumstances)

  • If a therapy block has not been cancelled and a family does not turn up for any of the sessions, the therapy block is 100% chargeable.


One-off consultations are chargeable on all occasions, unless specifically exempted by Bobath at the time of arranging the appointment. Fees will only be waived for this consultation if:

  • The child or adult service user is ill on the day, have notified the Centre and a replacement consultation has been arranged.
  • If the appointment is cancelled by the family at least 14 days prior to the session.

If a child / adult does not turn up and no notification is given to the Centre then the consultation with be chargeable.

Replacement of cancelled sessions

Single sessions

All single appointments within a block that are cancelled by parents / adult will not be replaced with another session at a later date in the same block. The only reason that we may do this is if the therapist feels it is necessary and they have the space in their diary to do so. This will be the case for all children / adults irrespective of who has funded it.

If sessions are cancelled by us, we will replace them within the same block or the following block – depending on availability.

Self-Funded Regular Sessions

Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will not be refunded and will only be replaced if the therapist feels it is necessary.

Sessions cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice will not be refunded, however we will try and replace it when a space becomes available. This replacement however is not guaranteed.

Cancellations by Bobath Scotland

If any cancellation is made by Bobath Scotland, no charge will be made to you or the health board, e.g. in case of staff illness; centre closure in severe winter weather conditions, etc.