Cerebral Palsy Scotland

Cerebral Palsy Scotland is a Bobath Scotland project which has been funded by the Big Lottery, and is designed to support families at the point of diagnosis, right through to adulthood.

An information leaflet has been created in conjunction with the website, and will be distributed to GPs and consultants across Scotland. It is our hope that whenever there is the possibility that a child may have CP their parents will be provided with this leaflet, which will point them towards Cerebral Palsy Scotland.

The website aims to address the multitude of questions and concerns that parents might have when faced with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. We’ve also included a directory of services, containing details on local groups and support services, sports and activity clubs, and disabled access holiday companies (to name a few!). We envisage Cerebral Palsy Scotland becoming a knowledge bank for families who are living with CP, so please feel free to submit any local groups or services if you would like to see them listed as part of the directory.