Bobath at Work

Making a difference to the lives of the children and young people we support can be as simple as donating goods right through to becoming an active strategic partner. We are particularly keen to hear from businesses that share our values and are interested in wellbeing, what people CAN do and challenging boundaries.

Each of our corporate partnerships is tailor made. Talk to us about what you would like to achieve, from corporate responsibility outcomes to brand recognition, and our experienced team will work with you to find the perfect partnership.

There are so many ways that you can help:-

    • Involving employees in our fundraising events
    • Choosing us as your Charity of the Year
    • Advertising/sponsoring fundraising events or publications
    • Joining our Ambassador programme
    • Volunteering at an event or other fundraising activity
    • Making a donation towards our work
    • Donating products for our events – such as raffle prizes, goody bag gifts or auction lots – which also gives you a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand to a new audience while helping a great cause!

    Please contact Virginia Anderson, Head of Fundraising on 0141 352 5000 or email to discuss how we can develop a partnership that is right for your business.

    Charity Partnerships

    Find out what some of our current partners think about working with Bobath Scotland;


    Just Employment Law Charity of the Year 2018 

    Just Employment Law provides comprehensive employment law services for all UK based businesses as well as employment law advice, assistance and representation to employee clients throughout the UK. They are our neighbours in Port Dundas Business Park, Glasgow and help Bobath make sure we're the best employer we can be.

    We're delighted that Just Employment Law have chosen Bobath Scotland their charity for 2018. 85% of Bobath's services are funded by fundraising. The help available for people with cerebral palsy and their families simply wouldn't be possible without supporters like Just Employment Law.

    Just Employment Law told us;

    “We are delighted and excited about the support that we can provide to this very worthy charity in the course of 2018.”

    We really couldn't ask for better neighbours and look forward to working with colleagues over the coming year. To find out more, please visit or if you would like to support their fundraising efforts, you can make a gift here

    Digby Brown

    Digby Brown Solicitors are able to give specialist legal advice to parents of children with cerebral palsy where cerebral palsy is thought to have been caused by medical negligence. They have helped many families find out what happened, why it happened, whether this was the cause of the cerebral palsy, and where appropriate, rightful and fair compensation.

    “We’re committed to helping children and young people with cerebral palsy and their families in any way we can. We are proud of our association with Bobath Scotland and have been delighted to work alongside them in recent years. Digby Brown staff from across Scotland have helped raise funds to support Bobath’s inspiring work and we have been pleased to support events, like the World Cerebral Palsy Day conferences, which have helped increase awareness of cerebral palsy.”

    To find out more about the services that Digby Brown Solicitors offers please visit their website.

    H1 Complex Care

    H1 Complex Care offers, young people and adults, specialist home care and social support services, encouraging independence and ongoing rehabilitation. Typically, our client base includes those affected by catastrophic injuries or medical malpractice, including people with Cerebral Palsy.

    “H1 Complex Care is a small team of highly trained individuals whose sole purpose in life is to provide the finest lifestyle outcome for your disabled or injured family member. We meticulously screen and select our carers, as much for their positive dispositions as their experience and qualifications. And, you will find us at your side along every step of the way, helping to make sense of what “quality of life” means, in the context of their particular situation and to help you make qualified choices about the kind of care that’s most appropriate to them.

    Working with Bobath Scotland has been a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience for H1 Complex Care. As a charity that is engrained in the lives of our service users, our team are always keen to get involved. The events are extremely well organised and take pride of place on our social calendar.”

    To find out more about our expert and professional Home Care services contact Carolann Lanigan, Director, H1 Complex Care at or visit the H1 Healthcare website


    Greenfinch's You Give We Give is an innovative scheme that has the potential to help children and adults with cerebral palsy for a very long time. When you give a percentage of your investment’s returns to Bobath Scotland each year, Greenfinch will also make a gift to the charity. Bobath Scotland is pleased to be a partner in this innovative, ethical scheme. 

    “We are thrilled to welcome Bobath Scotland as a preferred You Give We Give charity partner. Greenfinch will seek to ensure our global client base is aware of the option for charitable giving to Bobath Scotland and very much look forward to joining the charity in their quest to help those affected by cerebral palsy. We are excited to see the partnership between Bobath Scotland and Greenfinch develop in the years to come.”

    To find out more about our partnership, please visit You Give, We Give.

    Wealthflow – How to be happy and rich

    Duncan Glassey is one of our most creative fundraisers, from playing chess to writing books, he takes a creative and innovative approach to his philanthropy. Most recently Duncan has written a book called ‘How to be Happy and Rich’. It takes a fun approach to exploring personal goals and setting your own road map for life. Part of the book’s profits will be donated to Bobath Scotland.

    Wealthflow, Duncan’s business, has also launched Carebox, a new online community where people can come together to ask questions and discuss issues.