Leaving a gift in your will

Your kindness could change a life forever.

Your legacy could make sure that children and adults with cerebral palsy get the help they need, when they need it. A gift in your will could change a life forever.

Leaving a legacy is a personal and private decision and if you would like to be sure that Bobath Scotland will use your investment wisely, you can read our most recent accounts and annual report here.

This year a legacy has paid for Bobath Scotland’s baby group to take place.

Bobath Babies helps parents and children with CP have the best start with early specialist support. Children learn new skills from communicating with symbols to playing with others, and developing new patterns of movement that help them take part in everyday life.

The sessions also create a relaxed and friendly place for parents to meet and support each other with specialist help from Bobath occupational, speech and language and physiotherapists.

“I take Daniel to the Bobath Babies group regularly. We do singing, and we do activities. And through all of this the therapists are coming round and they're helping position your child, so that they are able to do everything as best they can. And there is always a story, which is Daniel’s highlight! The therapists differentiate for each child throughout the story for what each child likes, or can or can't do, which is really good. So it's more than just a baby group and a story - everything has been thought through for each child which is fabulous. For Daniel, that’s what he needs - he needs to be playing and working on skills and not being aware that he's doing it.

Free Will with McClure’s Solicitors

We’ve partnered with McClure’s Solicitors  who offer a free will service to Bobath Scotland’s supporters, friends and families. You can book an appointment by contacting McClure’s here or call 0800 852 1999.

If you would like to make a donation to Bobath Scotland in recognition of the free legal advice you receive it will help us to keep providing activities like Baby Bobath and therapy for people with CP form across Scotland.

Whether you take up the offer of a free will or you have your own lawyer, legal advice will help you make the best choices for your loved ones as well as your charities. Your solicitor will insert the appropriate clause in your will. They will need to quote our full title and charity number, which is: Bobath Scotland, charity number: SC022695

Thank you for thinking about investing in future services for children and adults with CP, if there are any questions we can answer please do get in touch with Virginia Anderson, Head of Fundraising or Stephanie Fraser, CEO on 0141 352 5000.