Join Jill: The cerebral palsy conference review 2017

Jill reviews this year's conference at the Hilton in Glasgow earlier this month.

This year’s cerebral palsy conference was a successful day all  round.  Our  CEO, Stephanie Fraser launched the conference by welcoming everyone to the day and explained a bit  about what Bobath has been doing in the past year, from building up the cerebral palsy website to talking about the different groups that Bobath has set up for different  ages.

And then we had our special guest, the Minister for Public Health and Sport Aileen Campbell.  She did a speech about what she has done, and how she is supporting and improving life for people with neurological conditions.

After that it was time to break into workshops.  For this year’s workshops it was broken up in to three sections; babies and children, transitions, and adults  

I went to two of the adults workshops which were about pain management and self-management.

I really enjoyed both of them, especially self management. In self management we talked how self-management is important to people with cerebral palsy.  We talked about how be in control with your life but have support at the back of yourself is important to people.

Here is some feedback on other workshops:

In adults ‘have your say’ we talked about;

Explanation of Services 

  • Support
  • Housing
  • Employment

What is important to you?

  • Physio Access & Ability to be mobile
  • Getting out & About ( lack of social work funding resulting in more house bound disabled people, with that brings lost confidence, depression and loneliness – vicious circle)

How can we influence change?

  • Visualise Services & Create them
  • Maintain pressure on funding – showing outcomes and Benefits
  • Contact local MP’s
  • Challenge Hospital Services
  • Equality Management
  • More collaborative process – quicker, more streamlined, empowered

What would you tell your 12 year old self?

  • Pace yourself
  • It will get better
  • Have more fun
  • Do your exercises
  • Do more sports in school – be more involved
  • Make more effort to make friends and build relationships

Once all of workshops was finished everybody came back in to the main hall for the free discussion section hosted by Louise white from Radio Scotland.  In this section  there are usually a lot of parents  giving their thoughts on things to do with  their children  with cerebral palsy but this year was a bit different,  in a good way. 

There was a lot of people who has cerebral palsy themselves giving their thoughts on things about their experiences and their problems with services that they use. It was great to see people with have cerebral palsy talking up for themselves. There was one a girl who is just 16 or 17 with cerebral palsy and she said turning in to a adult doesn’t mean that   her cerebral palsy went away so she shouldn’t get any less support, and that is very true.  I feel the past  cerebral palsy conferences were more towards children and their families but this year’s was more to get feedback people who have cerebral palsy and give them chance to talk up for themselves.

During the conference in the main hall there was a lot of tables of different organization such as Neuro Physio Scotland, Glasgow Disabled Scouts, Tilney Financial Planning Ltd, Disability Snowsport, Child Brain Injury Trust,  Digby Brown  and  many more.  It was good way to get a lot of information on things.

As it was a conference for people with cerebral palsy we wanted to make sure we had all the right facilities for everybody.  So outside of the hotel we had Pamilioo, which it is a mobile changing places toilet.   It was a really good thing to have there at the conference.

On behalf of Bobath  I would like to thank everyone who came to  our conference and all of organisations who had a table,  making our conference really successful and here’s hoping next year’s will be just as successful too.