Meeting other people with CP 

Would you like to meet other adults with CP, make new friends and find support?

I noticed few months ago that it wasn’t any   many support groups out there in Scotland for adults with cerebral palsy to talk to other adults with cerebral palsy or share their own experiences with cerebral palsy.   For some adults with cerebral palsy they might not know other adults with cerebral palsy so I thought there needs to be   some kind of support group for adults with cerebral palsy in Scotland.

As  I am a communications assistant at Bobath Scotland  where it is a centre for  people with cerebral palsy and having cerebral palsy myself, I thought it would be good if I  could  start a support group. So I did, I have made up a support group on Facebook called Cerebral Palsy Scotland.

The group is for adults with cerebral palsy to talk to other with adults with cerebral palsy and to share their experiences or any problems.  The group is a good way to get people’s feedback on things.

As it is an online thing, some people wanted to meet up to have a get together thing to see everyone in person.

There is a Christmas get together for adults with cerebral palsy on the 13th of  December in Bobath Scotland,  Bobath Scotland Cerebral Palsy Therapy Centre Bradbury House 10 High Craighall Road Glasgow G4 9UD

Between 12 o’clock and half 2

Lunch will be provided but feel free to bring something with you and please feel free to wear Christmas jumper.

This event to see if we can get a group up and running for adults who are living with cerebral palsy.

As I have cerebral palsy myself and talking to other people with cerebral palsy, it would be great to have a wee support group going for adults with cerebral palsy. I feel, as a disabled person, that I want to learn more about my cerebral palsy and learn about other people’s experiences living with cerebral palsy. And a support group it would be  good to  get a few voices together if someone in the group has a problem we could work together to fix it  as a support group and make new friends.

So if you want to join us on the 13th of December or if you fancy   being a part of a support group for adults with cerebral palsy, please contact Jill at or  join Cerebral Palsy Scotland group on Facebook